Timesheet Guidelines

  • The student is responsible for ensuring this record is completed and submitted to Faculty
  • Students should complete 37.5 hours each week and MUST NOT exceed 48 hours (including study days)
  • The Supervisor/Assessor/Educator must sign to confirm the student's Practice hours completed at the end of each week
  • N.B. It is the Supervisor/Assessor/Educator's responsibility to confirm the overall Practice hours completed at the end of the placement, which can be found at the bottom of the page

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The NMC requires all student nurses to complete a minimum of 2,300 Practice hours and to have had experience of 24 hours and 7 day care during their programme. This timesheet provides evidence that this requirement is met.

The information provided on this timesheet will be recorded on each individual student record and confirmed to the NMC for registration at the end of the programme.

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Student name: Test Student
Cohort: test
University: Test HEI
Module No: test
Placement: PARE Hospital - Test Ward
Date: 13/03/2020 27/03/2020
Practice Assessor: Test Mentor
Practice Assessor Email: 19205333602@onlinepare.net
Total hours on placement: 0H 00M
Should you attend a spoke placement, please record your hours in this timesheet. Select the relevant Practice day type and add a note to the week including the day(s) you were on the spoke placement.
Day Types:
P (Practice),
NS (Night Shift),
FSD (Flexible Study Day),
PL (Planned Leave),
UL (Unplanned Leave),
DO (Day Off),
A (Absent),
S (Sick),
SL (Special Leave),
MU (Make Up)
Note to learner: all changes to hours in your timesheet must be saved using the "save" button. Any unsaved data will be lost.


Total number of Flexible Study Day hours completed:
0H 00M
Total number of Make Up hours completed:
0H 00M
Total number of Practice hours completed:
0H 00M

Total hours:
0H 00M
Total number of night shifts completed:
Total number of night shift hours completed:
0H 00M
I declare that this form accurately represents the student's Practice hours during the stated period.

Please note: The signatures below should only be added at the end of the placement when all weeks have been completed and signed off.

Student Signature:
Date Signed:
Practice Assessor Signature:
Date Signed: